Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hits No Olimpo

Or in English, Hits on Olympus.  Hits is a relatively new brand to me, but i'm already in love.  I buy Hits from the lovely , which has great selection, decent prices, and super fast and reasonable shipping! my first order i got some of the No Olimpo collection, but Hefesto (the holo topcoat) was out of stock. boo! :( but Llarowe is fabulous and it was back in stock soon so I placed another order.  My package came today (super fast like last time), and let me tell you, i absolutely love getting nail mail.  opening the package is so exciting!

so L to R we have Hits flakie foxtrot, glitter forte hardcore, No Olimpo Hestia and 2 Hefestos, and my very first A-England; Avalon.  Whooooo!

Now down to business.  Today's manicure is 1 coat of China Glaze liquid leather and 1 coat of Hits Zeus, no topcoat.

Sadly, I don;'t have a lightbox yet, and today was cloudy so i took these pictures uner a lamp in my basement.  you can see the holo a little bit, but it's much better in sunlight. i also probably could have cleaned up my skin a little better and taken care or that hangnail. oh well, haha.

I love this polish. it was so easy to apply and it was nice to use 1 coat over a black base, since Hits comes in smaller bottles, the polish is precious.  The only downer was that the polish smell was REALLY strong while i was using it.  it went away after it dried, but MAN it was intense!

and then, because i think stamping is so fabulous, i added some little stars to my ring fingers with my cheeky plate CH4

Dun Dun Dun DAAAAAA!!!! i like it :)  I used China Glaze Devotion from the romantique collection for the stamp.

i will post my next manicure in a few days, it will be my birthday nails!  and hopefully i can convince my boyfriend to help me make a lightbox by then :)

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