Thursday, September 13, 2012

Magnetic Polish and Apologies

Well Hello.
It has been an entire month since I've posted, for that I am very very sorry.  A lot has happened recently, including MOVING!!! Yay!  The boyfriend and I finally found an apartment so I spent a lot of time packing, and shopping, and of course, moving!  And best of all, the apartment has an extra bedroom so I have an actual room for all of my nail goodies instead of a table in my parent's basement :)  Pictures of "the nail room"  will be coming soon, as well as pictures of a new addition to the family.  After moving, Tifa's been kind of lonely, she really loved the other cats, so we got her a little brother!  I can't wait to show you all how cute he is.

Anyway, on to today's polish!  I really love the idea of magnetic polishes, and I'm glad that some cheaper polish brands like Sally Hansen have jumped on board.  Since I am first and foremost a China Glaze fangirl,  I obviously chose the CG magnetix polishes over the other brands.  Unfortunately, while the magnetic particles in the polish are fine, the magnet is super weak and, frankly, sucks.  I've seen other bloggers get decent results with it, but I have no idea how.  The design barely shows up, and the horseshoe design is awkward to use and I usually end up getting polish on the magnet.  Boo.  So I picked up some magnetic polishes from Finger Paints and Icing for the magnets.  The swatches below are one normal coat followed by one thick gloppy coat of China Glaze Pull Me Close and then about ten seconds of the wavy magnet from the Icing polish.  Then I blew on my nails a little bit to keep the magnetic particles from spreading and blurring the design, and very carefully put on a coat of China Glaze Fast Foreward Topcoat.

Pull Me Close is a medium blue polish that reveals black as the contrast color with the magnet.  The polish is very opaque and would only need one coat, but the instructions say two coats, and having 1 normal coat under the glooped coat seems like a good idea, haha.  As for the magnet, It it leaps and bounds better than China Glaze's.  It's on the cap like most other brands, so it's easy to hols and use.  It also has two lips for the cuticle so you can easily use the design vertically or horizontally.

Icing Polish & Pull Me Close

Icing Magnet 

White Light



I love love love Pull Me Close now that I have a decent magnet!  The contrast of the black and blue is stunning, and I love the glowy quality of the shimmer.  It's really eye-catching as well, it grabbed a lot of attention at work and I know a few girls that are going out to buy a magnetic polish after talking to me about them.  Even the boyfriend was impressed; he said they look like marbles, which I think is super cool!

So all in all, I think China Glaze made a blunder with their magnets, but the polish itself is beautiful and easy to work with like expected, and I'm happy with the results.

Aaaaaaand finally, here is a long overdue picture of a silly sleepy Tifa.  Enjoy!


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