Friday, August 10, 2012

Fimo Attempt # 2

Hi Everyone!

As you may recall, my first attempt at using clay fimo slices wasn't the best.  But never fear! I'm back with another attempt, and this time I even used nail glue to adhere them :)

I started out with two coats of China Glaze Innocence, which ended up drying a little bubbly.  Lame, but overall still an acceptable base for the French Tips I was planning.  I used some striping tape I bought from Ebay and China Glaze Liquid Leather to do the tips.  By the end of the night LL was getting a little goopy so I think I may have to invest in some polish thinner.  First World nail addict problems, I'm telling you.

Then it was time for the fimo canes.  My boyfriend asked me why I bought canes instead of pre-cut slices, to which I said something along the lines of "it's get didn't look that hard from the videos online...??"  Surprisingly, my boyfriend is very good at slicing them (when he feels like helping), but alas, I was doing these at 2am, so I was on my own.  These flowers are so adorable, and I managed to cut them better than I did last time.  It wasn't perfect, and I probably wasted half of the cane, but I'm still proud of myself :)  On to pictures!

White Light



Macro - White Light

Yay! Super cute flowers, right?  I got the fimo canes from Amazon in case anyone was wondering.

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  1. Amazing nails,i want this types nail.Thanks for sharing important post with us.:)