Saturday, August 4, 2012

F4 Polish - Pink Salmon

Happy Caturday! Haha.

Today I have another polish from Indie seller F4 polish.  This one is called Pink Salmon, and it is a clear base with small round pink and white matte glitter and salmon colored hex satin glitter.  It can be worn on its own with 3 of 4 coats, but I opted to use one coat over China Glaze Thataway.  Thataway is an orange leaning coral polish with subtle gold shimmer that I thought would match Pink Salmon well.  I was happy with the results, my only complaint is that it might have matched too well.

F4 Polish still comes with the cute rhinestone for the "o" in Polish, and like Pink Penguin, Pink Salmon is packed with glitter so application is easy and distribution is even.  The swatches below are shown with two coats of Thataway, one coat of Pink Salmon, and one coat of top coat (it needs more).  Interestingly, the pictures with flash are the most color accurate.

White Light



Macro - Flash

F4 Polish can be purchased on Etsy, and if they don't have all the colors in stock, I believe they can make a custom listing for you, which is super great customer service!  You can also like F4 Polish on Facebook where the girls are always posting sneak peeks of their new polishes!

And, since it is Caturday, here is the always entertaining Tifa!  She was being a good girl and actually posing for the camera.



  1. Love it, Gina! Cat-terrific!!!

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  3. Beautiful! Is it weird that I find it looks yummy....? ;os

    1. Not at all! I think it looks like sprinkles :)