Friday, May 4, 2012

Dollish Polish Hylian Princess

Hello!  Today I wanted to show you a swatch of one of Dolly's newest polishes I was able to snag during her last restock.  Her shop has moved from Etsy to but she is currently closed.  yo can check her facebook page at for updates and such.

So anyway, I was very excited to use the Legend of Zelda Polishes, and I started out with Hylian Princess.  I wanted to wear Hylian Princess by itself, as Dolly states the polish "can also be worn as a top coat, or built into a stand alone opaque shade." , but I wasn't happy with the results I was getting, so I layered 2 coats of Hylian Princess over 1 coat of A England Avalon

On a side note, this was the first time I had used an A England color, and I was impressed! It went on super smooth and had a very rich color - opaque in 1 coat!!

Now on to the layering.  I had a little bit of trouble with Hylian Princess, as I am not used to such chunky glitters, so the application took a little getting used to.  After a while I got a hang of it and I was pretty happy with the results.  The only minor snag was that Avalon ended up being and exact match to one of the shades of glitter.  haha.

 White Light

Overall, I loved this polish.  It was a glitter bomb on my nails and everyone, I mean EVERYONE was complimenting me on it at work, both coworkers and patients!  The mix of glitter in this one is so complex, I spent an embarrassing amount of time studying my nails and the bottle to get all the glitters accounted for.  I even swiped some on a plain white surface to try and help.

So here goes, i think this is all the types of glitter crammed in that little bottle:

Large holographic hex 
Medium white hex
Small royal purple hex (the color matching Avalon)
Small dark purple hex (sometimes leaning blue)
Small gold hex
Small gold square
Smaller royal purple hex
Smaller lavender hex
Smaller lavender square
Tiny dark purple round

...Phew! Quite a list! Nice going Dolly ;)  My favorite was the large holo glitter.  I didn't even notice it in the bottle and was pleasantly surprised when I found one on my nail.  They are really eye-catching since they are the biggest glitter and catch the light

Funny story, by the way, I had some nice Macro bottle shots and Macro that showed off the holo glitter, but somewhere between my camera and computer they got lost. Oopsie, don't know how that happened.  Now that my blonde moment of the week is over, lets hope it doesn't happen again!


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