Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dollish Polish Master Chief

Today I have something special to show you! I think I have finally gotten the hang of full nail stamping and I used it with Dollish Polish's Master Chief (inspired by Halo) to make this really great mani!

Starting off is a fabulous swatch or Master Chief all by itself.  It's a beautiful army green with a scattered holo.   It started out a bit sheer but built nicely.  I used three coats below.

Now, to be perfectly honest, manicure ideas don't really turn out as well in real life as they do in my head, but this was really an exception!  It came out soooooo nice!!!!  I used the fishnet pattern from Konad plate M57 and stamped all of my fingers with Wet 'N Wild Wild Shine Black.

My thumb nails were kind of long, so the stamp didn't go all the way to the tips, but that didn't matter for this mani because I planned on having black tips.  I used striping tape and China Glaze Liquid Leather to create the tips.  Ta-Da!!!

White Light
Macro - Flash
Macro - White Light

I absolutely LOVED this mani! I was so sad when it started chipping off :(  One of my boyfriend's friend said it looked like a grenade, which considering the name of the polish, is awesome! I'd say this was a success all around!


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