Thursday, May 10, 2012

Enchanted Polish Water Marble

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been bad.  But I've also been on an indie polish kick.  I'm loving my Enchanted Polishes as well as the ones from Dollish Polish, so I ordered some more from Enchanted, as well as from a couple brands new to me.  I will start swatching as soon as I get them, promise!!

I was so excited about the holos from Enchanted, that I decided to do a holo water marble!  Fun right?  I'm still not the best at water marbling, but I've gone from a disaster to presentable, so that's an improvement!

I Started out with a white base (China Glaze White on White) and used Enchanted Polish Sugar Spree, Fun Dip, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  It worked out pretty well, but I was super disappointed that Fun Dip didn't show up as lavender, so there is a lot of white space from both Fun Dip and Lucy. I have pictures of both hands so you can see all of the different marble designs.

 White Light -  Left Hand

 White Light - Right Hand
My Favorite one is the ring finger on this hand 

 Flash - Right Hand
Flash - Thumb - Right Hand 

I also decided to use these cute little star rhinestones I got from Ebay.  I will post where to get them in next post.  They took a little getting used to on your fingers, as they are much bigger and pointy-er than normal rhinestones.  But all around very cute!  And I even managed to get some pictures outside to help the holo effect!

 Sunlight - Right Hand

Sunlight - Right Hand - Ring finger <3

These polishes spread very well in the water and ended up making a very pretty, holo, eye-catching water marble.  In low light Sugar Spree looks a little more red, so I got a few comments on how they looked like candy canes.  Oops!  But It still looked nice, which is all that matters!


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