Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jelly Sandwich with Windestine Star Light

Hi Everyone!

Today I have my very first attempt at a Jelly Sandwich!  I really love the look of jelly sandwiches, but my plain jelly collection consists of about three polishes, haha.  So here we have my take on the Essie Marshmallow sandwich, but instead of Essie, I used China Glaze Oxygen.  Which is essentially the same thing, right?  Oxygen leans a little more toward the off-white side, which is great for wearing it alone since it isn't as blinding as a pure white.  I believe Oxygen is opaque in 3-4 coats depending on how you apply it.

For this look, I paired Oxygen with a polish you've seen before; Star Bright by Windestine.  I thought Star  Bright would be fun for the sandwich because of the pink glitter and all the fun shapes!  I used my regular China Glaze base coat, then this "recipe" for the sandwich:

Star Bright
Star Bright
Fast Dry Topcoat

A warning in advance to everyone about the pictures, my right pinky nail got torn off - thats right, my nail tore off - so it looks really nubby and uneven.  to try and make up for my sad right pinky (and to show off the different shapes in Star Bright) I included pictures of my less photogenic left hand.  For some odd reason the star glitter ended up on my right hand and the moon glitter ended up on my left.  Enjoy!

RT Hand - White Light

RT Hand - Flash

RT Index Finger - Macro

RT Middle Finger - Macro

LT Hand - White Light

LT Hand - Flash

I really like how this Jelly/Marshmallow sandwich turned out, and I know i'll be using Oxygen for glitter sandwiches again!  Oxygen was originally released with the Creme Couture collection, but it can still be found in regular stock at Ulta and Sally's.  Star Bright is sold by indie polish brand Windestine on Etsy and also Big Cartel , who just happens to be having a fairly large restock TONIGHT at 5 pm PST!!!

AAAAAAAND, I've been very bad about the cat part of Nail Cats, so today you get a pretty cute picture of our new kitten, Cloud.  He's a pretty cute (and sleepy) kitty!


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