Sunday, July 1, 2012

Windestine - Star Light

It's the weekend!

Today I'm going to share a gorgeous glitter from the indie brand Windestine.  There have been some issues lately with the type of BB's use by polish sellers, but rest assured that Windestine has changed to stainless steel balls from now on!  Windestine makes some super fabulous glitters that pictures can't even begin to do justice too.  I thought the pictures in her shop looked pretty, so I ordered Jeweled Sand, Pansies, and Star Light.  But when I oped my package my mouth just dropped.  All three were sooooo sparkly and bright and just amazing!

Today I'm showing you Star Bright, which is a clear base packed with pink glitter, small and large holo hex glitter, and holo stars, moons and bars.  Wow!  You might be able wear it on its own because of the amount of pink glitter in it, but I decided to layer it over 1 coat of China Glaze Jetstream, which is a pale pink shimmer that matched the pink glitter pretty well.  You could probably get away with 1 of 2 coats, but I wanted my nails to look extra glittery, so I used about 3 coats.  The large glitters come out very easily with little to no fishing, but they could require a little placement on the nail (which I also didn't really do).  Overall, I think it turned out great!

White Light

White Light 



 Star Light is so pretty! I love the mix of glitter shapes and the fact that they aren't a pain to work with.  My nails were much brighter and more sparkly than in the pictures.  Literally everywhere I went, someone commented on my nails.

You can purchase Windestine on Etsy and Big Cartel.  You can check her Facebook for updates on when she will be restocking each store and what polishes will be available.  I will definitely be buying from Windestine again! 

Today's cat picture is pretty silly, it was when I was trying to get a picture of Whitney for the last post, and when I was going through the pictures, I found this one, where Tifa was in the background actually holding still.  Probably because the camera wasn't pointing at her.  I think its hilarious.  Enjoy!

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