Sunday, July 15, 2012

Speaking of Late...Julep June Mystery Box

Hi Everyone! Sorry about my absence, I meant to post this before I went on vacation, but obviously that didn't happen.  If anyone was wondering, I went to San Diego for Comic Con, and let me tell you, it was AWESOME!!  I'll post a picture at the end of the post :)

So, on to the Mystery Box.  I've been eyeing Julep for a while, but I really don't have the money or space to get a monthly Maven Box.  I do, however, get emails from Julep, and when I got one about the Mystery Box, I jumped on the offer!  The Mystery Box is $19.99 and contains anywhere from $60-$100 worth of products, so anyway you look at it you're getting a great deal.  This being my first Julep Box, I was soooooo excited when it came, but I did refrain from ripping it open long enough to get a picture.

As anticipated, the box was packaged very nicely and had a lot of stuff inside!

The first things I pulled out were a nice little pedicure set; The Best Pedi Prep Ever, The Best Pedi Creme Ever, and a foot file.  Awesome!

Next was a Julep file (which I probably won't use as I usually stick to glass, crystal, or a very fine grit), Nail Growth Serum, and Pomegranate Body Scrub.  I've used the Scrub since the pictures and it is fabulous.  It makes your skin super soft and smooth

And finally, this little surprise was hiding in the yellow package.  That's right! All these Nail Polishes for me!  L to R is Base Coat, Fast Dry Top Coat, Maggie, Sandra, Emma, Taylor, and January.  =D

So here is everything together, and after adding it all up my box was worth just over $200!!! That's so exciting for my first Julep Box to be one of the bigger ones!  Did any of you get the June Mystery Box?  If so, What did you get?

FINALLY, here's a quick pic from Comic Con; It's me and my boyfriend with the Kapibarasan girls at their booth.  Cute!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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  1. wow nice box. ive never seen anyone get anything more than the standard 4 bottles of polish in theirs!