Monday, July 16, 2012

Darling Diva Polish - Angry Beaver

Happy Monday Everyone (Boo!)

Haha.  So Today I have a post for you about the lovely Indie brand Darling Diva Polish.  I have a number of her polishes and they are all beautiful.  She has a great range of Holos, Glitters, and Glitters in Shimmer and Creme bases.  Today I'm showing you Angry Beaver.  According to Etsy, the name is random, but I like to pretend its because of the '90s cartoon.

Anyway, Angry Beaver is a Blurple Jelly-ish shimmery base with tons of hex glitter in all different sizes and colors, plus some awesome square glitter in a few colors thrown in.

Since Angry Beaver is a bit sheer, I layered it over A England Avalon, which hid most of the blue tones in the base (boo!).  Application was pretty good for a polish with big glitters.  I used one coat of Avalon, then two dabby coats of Angry Beaver, and then to make everything seem symmetrical, I put some of the polish on a piece of paper and applied a few glitter pieces with a toothpick, which was very easy.  A couple of coats of top coat, and that was it!

White Light



Macro - White Light
Angry Beaver is a really beautiful and fun polish, I just wish I had a base color that didn't distort the original color as much.  You can get Darling Diva Polish on Etsy.  The owner is super nice, her shop is usually stocked but if she's missing a color you want, just message her and she'll do a custom listing for you.  She's got a great variety of polishes and is always coming out with new colors.  You can check for updates on Facebook, and sometimes she even does contests (One of which I actually won, which never happens to me!)

Today's cat picture is another of Jester.  D'awwwwwww

Thanks for reading everyone!


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