Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aphrodite Lacquers - Supernova

Hello everyone!
Today I have a polish from my last haul post; Supernova from Aphrodite Lacquers.  Supernova is part of Aphrodite Lacquer's "Outta This World" collection, which features a whole line of  black jelly-ish polishes with different types and colors of glitter.

Supernova is the pink glitter of the collection.  It has medium fuchsia and light pink hex glitter and slightly smaller silver hex glitter.  So pretty!

I used three coats for the pictures below.  I probably could have gotten away with two, but I wanted a lot of the glitter in this mani.  Application was ok, the glitter was a little difficult to work with and I kind of wish the base was more sheer like a normal jelly.  But overall it was pretty decent application and I'm happy with it.

I used one coat of China Glaze No-Chip Topcoat, but it was still a little gritty so I'd suggest two coats or a coat of Gealous.  I started out holding the bottle of Supernova, but then I got frustrated with the overall darkness of the mani and bottle so I switched to a bottle of topcoat.  Enjoy!

White Light


Macro - you can see the grit,  definitely should have used more topcoat 

You can purchase Aprhodite Lacquers on Etsy, However the shop is currently on vacation due to family matters.  It is scheduled to reopen on June 26th, and will offer the Sandbar, Outta This World, and Romance Novel collections.

Now, today I have some very special cat pictures for you.  This is Whitney.  She belongs to my boyfriend's mom, and they got her when he was only 3.  That mean s Whitney is very old (about 18!), and unfortunately she usually shows her age.  However, one day when I was at her house, Whitney was lookin' good!  Her fur was  fluffy and her eyes were clean and bright, so I knew I had to get pictures!  So without further ado, here's Whitney (and yes, that is Pawn Stars in the background)

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