Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick Polish Haul

Hi Everyone,

This post is going to be pretty quick, just some bottle shots of my most recent haul, and unfortunately, I do not have a cat picture for you today :(  But worry not, as your regularly scheduled programming of Manicures and Cats will return soon. on to the pictures!

First is three polishes from Aphrodite Lacquer's Sandbar collection; Ambrosia, Grapetini, and Rum Runner

Next is 2 polishes from Aphrodie Lacquer's Outta This World Collection; Supernova and Nebula

And finally, four Glitters from Paris Sparkles; Midnight in Paris, Confetti, Chrome, and Chataigne

You can purchase Paris Sparkles on Etsy, she is currently OPEN and stocked with plenty of polishes!
Aphrodite Lacquer can also be purchased on Etsy, but her shop is currently on vacation until June 26th.  You can check on Facebook for updates!

Thanks for reading!


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