Saturday, June 9, 2012

F4 Polish - Pink Penguin

It's the weekend!  Today I have another indie polish from my haul post.  This one is Pink Penguin by F4 polish.  Pink Penguin is a clear base with small round black and white matte glitter and medium pink hex matte glitter.  I love love love matte glitter! The finished effect looks so cool and gets all kinds of attention and questions.  I also love F4's bottle packaging.  Their labels are pink and glittery and have a rhinestone in the "O" of polish.  I also think the name label on the bottom is cute, even though its plain haha.

Since the base is clear, I layered two coats of Pink Penguin over 1 coat of Liquid Leather.  White and grey are also nice base colors for this polish.  PP went on very smoothly and was fairly opaque with two coats and there was no need to try and place the pink glitter.  The only drawback is that matte glitter dries quickly so there was some dried glitter buildup around the lid.  It was a bit gritty, even with a topcoat, so i'd suggest maybe 2 coats or a thick one like gealous.

White Light


I am so pleased with Pink Penguin, Its so cute and easy to apply and best of all, DIFFERENT.  Love.  You can buy F4 polish on Etsy.  If they don't have everything you want in stock, the girls are very nice about doing custom listings.  You can also keep up with them on their Facebook for swatches and updates on new shades.

Finally, today's cat is another that belongs to a friend.  This is Jester, a big boy with a stripey tail and blue eyes.  he likes to keep me company while I blog.  Awwww :)



  1. This polish look so cute! unfortunately I can't get it where I am :(

  2. Thats really too bad. F4 has some really great polishes. Sometimes indie sellers start shipping internationally as they grow and get more sales/make more polishes. So maybe sometime in the future :)